"Wickedly creative, with dynamic vocals, a brilliant singer-songwriter"

- Jordan Knepper , Piqua Arts Council

"Outstandingly talented, a true star"

- Libby Ballangee, Venus Child Productions

Alyssa Hanson is a classically trained vocalist, nationally traveled recording artist, seasoned blogger, writer, published poet, brand consultant, and the reigning Miss Ohio International 2012. 
Her self-professed kaleidoscope heart has given her a wealth of insight into the human condition, one that she strives to share through music, poetry, and the occasional manhattan. 
A wanderlust by nature, she’s played host to many colorful experiences. From Columbus, Ohio, where she attained a degree at The Ohio State University, to the tropics of Florida, where she sang as a Little Mermaid at Disney; from music minister’s daughter to sorority girl to pageant queen to friend; gala performances in Swarovski and lace to chasing change with vegans in a van. From dancing with the wind and waves to bioluminescent days, 
She’s been involved in countless bands and artistic projects. Released an EP, won 7 pageant titles, and published a memoir. 

White Roses become Black 
by way of the color of Jade. 

She’s been a little bit of everything. 
On the grid, off the grid, in the middle of the grid...
And while it is true that nothing is permanent, one truth stays the same. 

She will always live life and make art in the pursuit of 
In the Pursuit of Red. 

What Does Your Red Reveal?