A former Miss Ohio titleholder and OSU alumni, ​Alyssa is a classically trained singer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist with a voracious passion for the arts and music in all capacities. From operatic arias to ambient soundscapes, her tastes and influences are inspired by a variety of genres and reflect a multifaceted professional and artistic background. 

A Florida native, Alyssa was raised around sound as a music minister’s daughter. Applications in the performance arts pepper her childhood throughout cathedrals, churches, black box theatres, and casual dinner conversation. Her affinity for the arts remained through Disney internships, college degrees and pageant titles, manifesting in a year-long cross-country tour as co-writer and lead singer for ​Red In The Water. T​he group released an EP titled “Chasing Change” and she then returned to her roots, hosting The Musician’s Co-Op earlier this year. 

Other projects have included ​Blackbirds​, an Americana/folk band based out of Nashville, and ​OPA ​alongside local musician Kevin Milner and Andrew Holquist, a jazz guitarist and her accompanist. Their EP, Stargazing, is set to be released in Spring of 2020. 

Adamant about the value of music and art in everyday life, she creates under the philosophy that “It an artist who gives meaning and sentiment to the human experience....we who carve the marble angels in un-carvable stone. And it is our responsibility to carry out the vision..until the world sees the angels, too.” 



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